Beds And A Good Nights Sleep, Sleep Well From Summer 2017

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Beds And A Good Nights SleepUPDATE: May 2018

Dalkard & Elliott Leicester beds has taken off in incredible fashion.

Customers have loved the great service and attention. Helping to make this a huge success.

Dalkard & Elliott have already placed themselves as the premier choice for Relyon Beds and Harrison beds.

So, Steve, Stuart, Tim and Amanda will be delighted to see you and to help guide you through. Take your time and enjoy the experience.

Buying your new bed will never have been so easy

A good nights sleep is so much more important than most of us are aware of. Dalkard & Elliott beds Leicester intend to help and to make a difference and help us understand what our beds need to offer.

As more medical research is done we are all beginning to become aware of how beneficial a good nights rest is for our well-being and for our health.

Manufacturing beds is therefore a science that is understanding of our needs, our physicality’s and in making sure that your bed will be of such great service and value in our lives.

Harrison beds are delighted to welcome Dalkard & Elliott Leicester into the list of their preferred suppliers. Harrison beds have made and produced beds since 1889 they are proudly British and based in Leeds.

Dalkard & Elliott are a honoured to have Harrison beds as a supplier. In addition, both companies are very well established and are very keen to set themselves apart from their competition. They do this by the levels of service and care they both provide and the synergy between them is fantastic.

Selecting your new bed is a considered choice. Beds should suit you, no two spines are the same. Therefore, in order to get the very best out of your nights sleep one of the first decisions to be made is in the firmness of your mattress.

Beds have three stages of support. Gently supportive, medium support and firm. Therefore selecting the right mattress for your bed is begun by finding out which degree of support you require.

Beds And A Good Nights Sleep, Sleep Well From Summer 2017

When you lay on your bed your body is supported by the mattress. If the support is too firm you will only have restless nights of sleep. A mattress which is too firm will cause tension in your shoulders, hips and knees causing you to toss and turn throughout the night.

Beds And A Good Nights Sleep

A bed mattress which it too soft will put pressure on your lower back causing you to feel stiff in the morning.

Beds And A Good Nights Sleep

The mattress on your bed which is just right is really good for you.

By supporting your body evenly it will alleviate any tension and pressure on your back. The right mattress for your bed will help to keep your spine in perfect shape and alignment.

It aides your nights rest and helps you to be fully rested for the next day coming.

Beds And A Good Nights Sleep

Dalkard & Elliott have the all the expertise and knowledge that is needed to help you select exactly the right bed and mattress.

Harrison beds offer mattresses that are made from 100% natural fibres. It is widely believed that sleeping on a bed mattress made from natural fibres helps to give you the best nights sleep possible.

They breathe with you and keep a more even amount of heat for you to enjoy than a synthetic bed mattress which tends to be much hotter to sleep on.

If your choice is a Harrison bed you will be able to sleep soundly in the knowledge that your bed is also made by craftsman.

As well as by a company who give amazing after-sales service too.

Visit their website at and discover their ethos as a company. You will be very nicely impressed!

Beds And A Good Nights Sleep, Sleep Well From Summer 2017

Beds in Leicester are easy to find, so why go to Dalkard & Elliott?

Dalkard & Elliott are a family business and they strive to consistently provide you with levels of attention that make a real difference for you across all of the products that they sell.

Offering beds in Leicester has been a plan for Dalkard & Elliott for the last 5 years. As a result, It has taken that time to make sure that you will have great choice, value and product.

Dalkard & Elliott beds have selected bed manufacturers that are in harmony with their own passion as a company and that offer you pre-sales and after-sales service that are top of the tree.

So all of your needs will be catered for and whatever advice you need will always be on hand.

The new bed will be delivered to your home by experienced delivery teams so no matter how heavy your new bed mattress is you will not have to man-handle it yourself!

Let Dalkard & Elliott take care of all the hard work. So that your only job is to enjoy a comfortable and restful nights sleep!

The bed showroom at Dalkard & Elliott Leicester is set to be smart and comfortable with lots of choice.

The beds will be displayed for you to get around easily and to try out. Remember to call in for a lay down!! The showrooms are easily found and there is parking right outside the door.

Beds And A Good Nights Sleep, Sleep Well From Summer 2017

Dalkard & Elliott is very well known in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland for carpet, made to measure curtains, Roman blinds and flooring. Leicester is now looking forward to Dalkard & Elliott beds.

If you are thinking about buying a bed please give Dalkard & Elliott a call, or pop in to see them. From this summer buying a bed may never be the same again!

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