Dalkard and Elliott Leicester – Our range of Beds

beds LeicesterDalkard & Elliott have been long established as the premier retailer in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. Supplying and fitting of flooring, carpets and made to measure curtains.

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Consequently it is with great pride and excitement that we open our bed department. This is a great addition to Dalkard & Elliot’s portfolio and on that sits beautifully with our carpets. Not forgetting our beautiful curtains. As well as, our wonderful floorings.

Choice – Beds Leicester

Harrison beds - Beds LeicesterAlong with Harrison beds, Sweet Dreams Minerva beds and Relyon beds Dalkard & Elliott have probably the best choice in Leicester.

  • Double beds
  • King size beds
  • Single beds
  • Custom made beds

Choosing you new bed is a very important decision. After all, we spend a third of our time in bed, because of that fact you want to make sure that what you purchase meets your needs and your expectations.

First of all consider your budget. Dalkard & Elliott’s double beds range from £ 399.00 up to £2500.00. Therefore if its a double bed that you are after, or just the mattress, you should be able to find the right priced bed for you. Every bed is available for delivery in a single, standard or King sized bed.

Materials – Beds Leicester

beds sweet dreamsNext have a think about what you would like your mattress to be made from. We have synthetic beds and ones made from natural material as well. Deciding on which type may be decided by the overall price that you wish to pay.
It may be that your decision is based on how the bed feels to you as you test out the different ones on display.
If you would like a hand-crafted bed made from finest ingredients you will find exactly what you desire in the Harrison bed or Relyon bed collections.

Sweet Dreams Minerva beds are very probably the finest synthetic bed manufacturer in the market. They are certainly unbeatable on price for their quality and as a consequence they sell very well across the range.
Firmness of the mattress itself has to be right for each individual. Therefore. the right amount of firmness to support your body helps to keep your alignment of bones in the correct place as you sleep.
In addition it can help to relieve back pain and muscle aches which will very likely help to aide your sleep patterns. You will therefore awaken much more refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Mattress protectors

All of our mattresses come with a full guarantee and top help keep your mattress in perfect order always buy a mattress protector. As with out beds the mattress proctors are guaranteed to work.


There is a fabulous range of headboards to look at too.

To find out more and for great advice please contact us or call into the showroom. It is easy to find at the top of Shackerdale Road as it meets the Aylestone Lane. Importantly and to make it very easy there is also free customer parking right outside of the doors and in our car park.

Beds Leicester – Visit our showroom today, call 0116 255 5043 or contact us for help and advice on your perfect mattress and bed.