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The finishing touch – Carpets

Vinyl FlooringCarpets Leicester, the finishing touch, make a room complete. Carpet is as important as every other feature in a room. A room is very rarely complete without a nice floor! Carpets add texture, add colour and warmth to a room. In the UK, we have many months of different weather. When the weather is cool, carpets add that extra layer of softness and warmth.


There are collections of carpet which are always updated.

Every now and again, a collection of new carpets becomes available, which is a real stunner.

The new collection of carpet called Glenarm has arrived into the display of Dalkard & Elliott carpets Leicester.

This range is fantastic. It is a brilliant carpet collection.


The carpet is very cleanable and has a luxury, softness to it’s touch.


Carpet colours have been following the trend of curtain fabrics very closely for the last 8-10 years.

This range of carpets, has every one of the best selling carpet colours in it and it has been a success from day one.


People like the way the carpet looks.

The carpets finish is smooth, with just a hint of a twist, set into the yarn.

This gives an opulent look with toughness woven in.

The carpet is bleach cleanable, as are all the best polypropylene carpet collections.


The touch of the carpet fibre, is lovely.

The feeling underfoot, especially with a softer PU quality carpet underlay, is amazing.


At Dalkard & Elliott carpets Leicester, you will find the best and the greatest of carpet collections.

This new collection , adds more weight, to what is already the nicest carpet showroom, in Leicestershire

The carpets are displayed beautifully, in spacious surroundings

The service, is always a delight.

It would be a pleasure to help you.

Leicester carpet & flooring

Dalkard & Elliott Leicester carpets, have supplied and fitted carpet all over the Leicestershire and Rutland region for over 5 decades, keeping many toes and feet warm!

Carpets come in different thickness and qualities.

Man-made fibres are very good and no longer create static. Some of these fibres are bleachable and they are incredibly stain resistant.

finishing touch - carpets leicester

Nylon, is the toughest carpet fibre used in the production of carpeting. In areas of very heavy use, including contract locations, Nylon lasts for many years.

Polypropylene, is slightly less hardwearing than Nylon. It carries a lower price tag than Nylon carpet but has stain resistant qualities that are amazing.

Polypropylene is a bleachable fibre. Very little will stain the carpet and for some families they are the first choice.

Wool and wool/nylon fibres in a carpet, provide you with the warmest carpets underfoot. These carpets will also keep their appearance the best. There is an uplift in cost, however, in the better carpet ranges, you will enjoy a real difference that gives you real value for money.

Carpets are made in plain colours as well as patterns. Plain is the biggest selling style and is available from as little as £7.99 m2. Prices can go up as high as £200.00 m2. In terms of the average price, most customers are happy to consider carpets in between £22.00 – £39.99 m2.

There is plenty of choice either side of those figures. So, there will be a suitable price point for your budget.

Wool carpet

Wool carpet fibres are beautiful, resistant carpets. These carpets are made in pure wool and 80% wool 20% nylon.

Carpeting made well and with high quality wool yarns, will wear incredibly well and perform well. A wool carpet will often cost more than a man-made fibre one, but they can be well worth the difference.

You will know what are the important features of your carpet will be. Please ask anyone of Dalkard & Elliott Carpet Leicester’s shop staff and they will ensure that you get the right flooring for you.

With over 150 years of combined knowledge and more than 50 years of carpet shop experience behind them, Dalkard & Elliott are the number one, carpet shop in Leicestershire.

Textures, Finishing Touch

Plain carpets are available in a shorter texture, known as twist pile, which ideal for areas with heavy traffic.

Carpet is also available in velvet finishes. Aesthetically, a beautiful look, which shows foot marks and hoover marks too.

Soft textures are very popular and are mainly brought in carpets made in man-made fibres.

Loop pile carpets are rugged and chic. Mostly made in wool carpet fibre and some delicious, neutral tones to pick from

Carpet colours are amazing and carpet manufacturer’s keep up with all the trends. You will see that grey beiges (greige’s as I like to call them!) are incredibly popular. They suit so many schemes and they add a class finish to a room.

Underlay provides you will comfort and a warmth too. New softer underlays, which perform well for many years, allow you to get the most out of the softness of any carpet.

Underfloor heating, finishing touch

For under-floor heating, there is excellent choice of carpet which, when combined with the underlay, will keep the combined tog rating below 2.5. This is specially important, as this is a total that is essential not to go over.

Keeping below 2.5 tog will ensure that you get the full benefit from your heated floor.

Fitting, of course, is part of a very important list, that you need to consider for your new carpet. Dalkard & Elliott Leicester carpets and flooring, only have first class, highly trained fitters.

Dalkard & Elliott’s carpet fitters will fit your carpet beautifully, move furniture when required and uplift and dispose of the existing carpets. In addition, without fuss and with a smile!

A huge amount of Dalkard & Elliott Leicester’s work comes from recommendation. Word of mouth advertising by existing customers, was exactly how Kenneth and Nina Elliott grew the business from scratch, in 1963.

Also, Steve and Stuart Elliott have upheld every original value and added more as the years have gone by.

Furthermore, beds, curtains, blinds and carpets are all looked after with the same care and attention.

Consequently, the service levels are always the same and after-sales is equally as important.

Dalkard & Elliott Leicester carpets curtains beds and blinds will be your best choice. That’s a promise.

Thank you for reading
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