Lounge carpet ideas!!

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Lounge carpet ideas!! – Dalkard & Elliott

Lounge carpet ideas!! - Dalkard & Elliott

colours are coming back!!

When you get excited about your new carpet at home your eyes are opened to a huge range of colour and style. Carpets are now made to add effect, texture and colour to your home.

Carpet colours quickly follow the new fabric collections and the new paint colours that you can buy. Putting a carpet into your new scheme is easily achieved with class and style. Furthermore, carpet will help you put the finishing touch to your room beautifully.

Plain carpet is by far the most popular of all the carpet choices. ‘Twist pile’ carpets are a very popular style. Twist pile carpet is the most forgiving of the plain carpet selection. Producing carpet in this finish helps the carpet to resist flattening. A velvet carpet shades beautifully and if you like the aesthetics of a smooth finish to your carpet, a velvet finish will give you everything that you need!

In being able to resist flattening a twist pile carpet will give you better appearance retention than the softer styles of flooring that are available. When the carpet pile is made with 2 ply wool/nylon yarn it offers you the very best in product and durability. Dalkard & Elliott offer the very best range of wool carpet to select from. A quick visit into their showrooms will assure you of this!

If the carpet fibres are made of polypropylene the stain resistance of the carpet is superb. Manmade fibres cannot resist the wear and tear in the same way as a quality wool carpet. However, the practicality of the flooring can be extremely useful.

Lounge carpet ideas!! - Dalkard & Elliott

contrasting colours make beautiful rooms as well!

Buying carpet is a very ‘touchy, feely’ experience.

Softer styles of carpet are lovely and rooms will look sumptuous and feel very luxurious. Especially when this style of carpet is fitted on top of a quality soft underlay.

If you desire this look then have a chat with Steve, Stuart or Tim. They help make sure that you make an informed choice and that the carpet will meet all of your expectations.

Soft carpet ranges very much follow the trends in colour. So if you have newer styled curtains and upholstery you will have no trouble at all in finding the right carpet for you.

If you are selecting new carpet, curtains or blinds for your home Dalkard & Elliott will help you put together a stunning look. Furthermore, Steve, Amanda and Tim will be very pleased and excited to give advice and help in whatever way you would like.

Amanda, who has a curtain making background, is very keen to give help and to suggest ideas that will work for you. Consequently, supplying personal help and listening to everyone’s needs and ideas is what helps to set Dalkard & Elliott apart.

Whether this advice is on flooring, fabrics or blinds Dalkard & Elliott’s aim is to be the best one stop shop you will ever find.

Service with a smile, tea or coffee is always available!!

Lounge carpet ideas!! – Dalkard & Elliott

To get thoughts about the depth of colour and the most suitable carpets for you never be shy to ask. Carpets are a considered purchase and carpets can last you very well and for many years to come. Furthermore, carpets should be enjoyed and always add something to a room.

Dalkard & Elliott has a reputation to uphold. That reputation comes from working for over 50 years to make a difference. Steve Elliott is extremely proud of what is achieved. ‘job satisfaction comes to me in someone smiling broadly as they pay, in all the letters expressing satisfaction and delight, plus in the recommended business that comes from happy customers’

If you are looking for a new carpet, new curtains and fabrics or new blinds Dalkard & Elliott have a smart and engaging showroom to call into and to enjoy. They have staff who care and that have a need to please. Therefore, expertise in very department is on tap and a great atmosphere has been created in which to make your decisions.

Dalkard & Elliott the one stop shop for every bit of carpet, curtain fabric and blind that you will ever need.

Call into their showroom at the top of Shackerdale Road on Aylestone Lane and see!!

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