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New curtain collections for 2017 – Dalkard & Elliott

curtain collections

New curtain collections for 2017 – 2016 was a great year for design and fashion in made to measure curtains. Harlequin fabric curtain collections saw new and stunning collections being introduced. Their Momentum ranges have captured the imagination of most.

Dalkard & Elliott are the largest maker of made to measure curtains in Leicester. Furthermore, everyone of their fantastic curtain makers live in the Leicestershire and Rutland areas. Working together with the manufacturers of fabrics for curtains and upholstery is very important to Dalkard & Elliott. Along with, bringing the best new curtain ranges into store. Furthermore, Steve Elliott and Amanda take a careful look at the collections of new designs and colourways in fabric for curtains. With the view to taking the very best and most relevant ones into stock. Amanda says: “designs vary hugely, colours too. To continue to be the most successful and to appeal to our customers it is really important to select the best of the best. To offer the most exciting ranges for our made to measure curtains and upholstery fabrics”.

Ashley Wilde curtain fabrics have asked Dalkard & Elliott curtains to be stockists of their curtain fabrics in Leicester. They needed a retailer in Leicester to offer their products. Furthermore, they recognise Dalkard & Elliott as the leading made to measure curtain service in Leicester. In addition, Ashley Wilde also saw the massive potential of the ‘complete room’ concepts. The ‘complete room’ concept, which is being offered by d&e. The idea of a potential client being able to use a ‘one stop shop’. Being able to purchase and to have fitted their curtain tracks, made to measure curtains, wallpaper, cushions, carpets and floorcoverings all in one place. This fits in perfectly with what Ashley Wilde offer the curtain fabric world. Leicester and Leicestershire is an area that Ashley Wilde are looking to. To therefore help increase their market share, in a very competitive and exciting curtain market.

Harlequin Fabrics continue to be innovative. Furthermore, they are arguably the market leader in the design of curtain and upholstery fabrics. In addition, still have their main base in Leicester. Dalkard & Elliott have been at the top of Harlequin curtain fabrics list in Leicester for almost 20 years now. In addition, together they have forged a great and supportive relationship. Momentum by Harlequin curtain fabrics is a hugely successful collection which Dalkard & Elliott know everything about. Furthermore, there are new ranges coming out for 2017, so watch this space.

New curtain collections for 2017 – Dalkard & Elliott

Carpet and flooring manufacturers make sure that they closely follow the trends in Curtain fabrics and wallpapers. Furthermore, new ideas are developed in curtain and upholstery fabrics the range of carpets improves very quickly. Furthermore, right on the back of those inspirations. Dalkard & Elliott keep Leicester and Leicestershire completely up to date. Making absolutely sure that their carpets, curtains, wallpapers and floorcoverings are the best looking. Furthermore, they are most up to date products that you can find.

curtain collections

Dalkard & Elliott’s concept is to continue to be the very best supplier of carpets and curtains in Leicester.Along with, making sure that they are rated amongst the top retailers in the country.

Fabrics for curtains and upholstery are to be found all over the world. It is not only important for a retailer to be able to show gorgeous curtain fabric. But, the back up from the manufacturers, their ethos and the after sales service has to be in line with what Dalkard & Elliott offer their customers.

Carpets and curtains is in the blood of the company and everyone in it. Created in 1963, Dalkard & Elliott have always made a difference and the huge list of repeat customers. The new referred business is testament to that. In addition, our carpets are expertly fitted by local and totally professional fitters. Neil has worked for the company for almost 40 years and he is very proud of what is achieved every day. Fitting carpets correctly is a very skilled job. Leicester has amongst the best fitters of carpets and floorcoverings in the country at Dalkard & Elliott.

New curtain collections for 2017 – Dalkard & Elliott

Lots of people are very happy to fit their own curtains. However, Metropole tracks require an exact template to be made for a bay, which Dalkard & Elliott offer. Also, if you want somebody else to make your new curtains look amazing when they are hung. Dalkard & Elliott Leicester and Leicestershire will steamed them perfectly into shape. We offer the complete service.

For carpets, curtains and floorcoverings, even wallpaper Leicester have a very fine offering for you in Dalkard & Elliott. The number one choice. Enjoy the right advice, the right service from the right people for every carpet. Along with, every pair of hand made, made to measure curtains you buy. Carpets, curtains, wallpaper and floorcoverings have never been so much fun!

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