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We are proud to have the top named brands within our showroom for you to choose from, whether it’s Harrison Spinks , Relyon, Somnus, Dunlopillo, Vogue, Sweet Dreams or Minerva Beds, we’re confident our range of beds and mattress will help you get the perfect night sleep. 

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see our range of Double Beds

Double beds are our most popular choice of beds. We stock both sizes of Double beds in our Leicester showroom. Our small double bed measures at 122 x 190 cm whilst the standard and the most popular choice measures at 137 x 190 cm. Complete bed prices vary.

For a mattress, divan and headboard from £ 4999.00 to £ 499.00 for complete bed sets. All items are sold separately too

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see our range of Kingsize beds

King Size beds are for those looking for that extra bit of room, measuring at an impressive 152 x 198 cm. (You can order all our beds in any size).

 Prices run from £ 6000.00 to £ 799.00 for complete bed sets. All items are sold separately too.

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see our range of Super King Beds

If you have the room for a Super King size Bed, buy one! Sheer luxury and abundant room in a massive 1.80 x 2m bed. You will love it!

Prices Run From £ 7000.00 to £ 949.00 for complete bed sets. Including the Mattress, Headboard and Divan 

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see our range of Single Beds

Single beds are a great choice for the little ones as they grow, or for filling the spare room ready for a guest. 

Our singles measure are 91 x 190 cm and therefore it is the smallest size bed we have in our selection. 

Bring your family to our showroom and see our great range today. 

Prices are between £ 2999.00 to £ 249.00 for complete bed sets. All items are sold separately too.

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find out more!

We spend a third of our time in bed, and we understand that our customers want more choice. 

That’s why we’re extremely proud to offer our custom bed range, ready for you to select everything that you desire for the perfect night’s sleep.



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We Want To Find You The Perfect Night's Sleep

*Free Delivery & Set Up on Orders Over £ 799.00 & 35 Mile Radius

Select Your Natural Mattress & Fillings

In our Leicester showroom, you can select the materials of your mattress. We have a great choice from synthetic beds to ones made from natural materials, so that your mattress choice is perfect for you.

Luxury meets strength Silk is naturally a moisture-absorbing fibre, which will help your beds to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Softer & much smoother than wool, this fibre’s texture has a luxurious feel. It is used in the top filling layers of the mattress.

The double coat of the Cashmere goat is soft and smooth, plus highly resilient.  The outer layer is durable, the fine, soft under down is lighter and more insulating than other wools.

Flax is a strong, light and very sustainable material, it creates breathable organic fillings. It is used to improve moisture management.

Hemp is a very absorbent material and is naturally resists any mildew. It helps to keep beds fresh and hygienic.

Cool, comfortable, soft and absorbent it is perfect for keeping you cool and dry as possible.

Springy and tough, horse hair adds a sumptuous layer. It is a resilient fibre and one which is in many of our high-end mattresses.

A wholy fibre which allows the moisture to be moved quickly away and it is .aturally springy.

Select The Support For You

Choose from the different range of supports, come and visit our showroom and test each support out to ensure you find your perfect match. We also have orthopaedic mattresses for troublesome back issues so visit us today and see what we can do for you. 

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Luxurious, soft gentle support. If you like to feel 'snuggled' in bed, this is for you!


The most popular level of support. A medium mattress suits so many of us. Enjoy trying all the different beds we have and find the right support for you.


A brilliant level of support for the sufferers of back issues. Suits larger frames too

Mattress Protectors & Headboards

A mattress protector for your new mattress, is a must. We have the very best and they will also ensure that you get the full guarantee on your mattress.

Whether you’re updating your whole bed or looking for an affordable way  to update your current décor our range of headboards on display in our local showroom can offer you great choice at fantastic prices.

Shop With Confidence

All of our beds and mattresses are fully guaranteed.

Turn or No Turn Mattresses

There are mattresses that benefit by turning and spinning them on a regular basis and there are mattresses made as ‘no turn’ ones. Ask us and find out which one is best for you

Hand Crafted Beds

If you would like a hand-crafted bed made from finest materials you will find exactly what you desire in the Harrison bed collection.

The right mattress

The firmness of the mattress has to be right for you. The right amount of support for your body will help you keep the correct alignment of your bones, and provide the perfect posture for the best nights sleep

Visit our Showroom

Your decision will be based on how comfortable the bed feels to you that’s why a visit to our showroom is a must.

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We Can dispose of your old mattress

We will dispose & recycle of much of your old mattress as is possible for just £ 39.99

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