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The research involved 2,000 people from all over the United Kingdom who were asked to rate their sleep on a scale of 0-10 (10 being the best nights sleep).

The most surprising result was despite many saying that they sleep for a minimum of 7 hours per night, there was a much lower percentage of people who do not enjoy getting the best sleep quality.

In fact very nearly 25% of us marked down their sleep quality as 3 or evenworse!

Suffer from a lack of sleep? You are definitely alone

Getting to bed a little earlier, or enjoying a later start to the morning is great, but to get an improved nights rest, which will add to your well being, may not be achieved in these ways.

Many of us suffer from a disturbed nights sleep and this is the biggest factor in losing our quality rest time.

25% of people say that they suffer with disturbed sleep.

Almost half of people aged between 55-64, do not enjoy the best nights sleep. In stark contrast,  only 7% of 25-34 year olds suffer in the same way.

Waking up several times a night can is very likely to leave you feeling lack lustre and very tired the next day. A third of us that wake up at night time.

Of the 93% of people who wake up at some point in the night, more than 30% of them, will wake up 3-4 times a night.

This map shows the results of the survey across the UK.

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What keeps you up at night?

50% of the people in this survey, mentioned that they find it difficult or very difficult to get a good nights sleep.

42% of people are feeling worried and stressed, Three out of 10 people are not able to get comfortable in bed and feeling too hot affects 2 in 10 of us.

There are so many contributing factors to why we suffer from a good nights rest. Eating and drinking late in the evening and alcohol, will go some way of the way to explaining part of the problem. Using the internet is another big one. 20% of us check our phone or tablet, whilst snuggled in bed.  Smoking and drinking shortly before your bed time is an issue too

The medical advice is to take put down your phone and laptop for at least an hour prior to going to sleep. It is becoming more evident that the ‘blue light’ (the type of light coming from our digital screens) can not only damage your eyes, but also give rise to headaches and keeping your brain too active, all helping to make you feel less alert the following day.

How can you improve your sleep?

Everyone one of us will wake up at sometime, worrying about work or a relationship. It is when we realise that these restless nights are becoming more regular, that we should take steps to sort out the problem.

Have a look at our tips on how  to de-stress prior to bedtime.

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Number One

Try taking a bath for 20 minutes each night. The hot water will help to ease the tiredness of the day and it also raises your temperature, which makes you feel more sleepy.

Number Two:

Place your phone, tablets and laptops out of the way for at least one hour before you retire to bed. Doing this regularly, will aid a deeper nights rest

Number Three

To help put down your digital world, pick up a good book and read for as little as half an hour each night. It will help.

Number Four

Listen to your favourite music as an alternative to reading. For the same amount of time, chill out. An adult version of a lullaby.

Number Five

A good bedtime routine will always be of benefit to you. Please try one of these tips each night, for a month. You will see some changes and once they become a habit, you will be looking forward to waking up, refreshed!

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