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So that we can all feel comfortable and safe, the shop will be open by appointment only.

Within the shop, at the same time, we can very safely have:

1 set of customers in the bed department (lengths of fabric to be given to each customer to lay on. Pillows to be taken off display)

1 set of customers in the carpet department

1 set of customers in the LVT area

1 set of customers in the curtain department

Appointments will be made in 1 hour sessions with 15 minutes allowed afterwards, to make ready for the next customer.

Should customers be leaving and coming in at the same time, we will ask that the customers waiting to enter, to allow the customers leaving, to clear the staircase first.


Samples can be borrowed, with pleasure. We will take carpet & curtain sampling off display for 72 hours after they are returned.

Hard flooring samples will be sanitised upon return.


All advice on quality, colour and style will be given in the shop, or over the telephone.

We will call to measure. These appointments will be to measure only and they will be carried out as quickly and as safely as is possible. PPE kit and sanitiser will be worn and used.



expert flooring fitting


We will ring each of our customers to arrange fittings and to check that the customer is happy to have us in the house and that they are Covid19 free, to their knowledge.


To safeguard ourselves and the customers, the room will be requested to be completely empty, wherever possible.

We will still move furniture etc. if required and this will be done wearing gloves and taking every care. We will also wash our hands immediately on arrival, using our own sanitiser and disposable paper towels. However, we would suggest that furniture that is moved by us and is covered in any kind of fabric, is left unused for 72 hours, as per guidelines

Where practical, all doors leading to the area(s) being fitted to be left open

Where practical windows to be opened to increase ventilation and fresh air

We will be practising social distancing at all times during our visit, helping to keep your household and ourselves safe. We would be very grateful for your assistance in making this possible.

To help in this, please leave us to work on our own in the area(s) being fitted and please isolate yourself and any pets in areas, separate to where we will be working.

We will wear PPE as required and sanitise any hard surfaces we touch, as soon as the work is complete.


Frequently use 60% alcohol hand sanitiser as and when required.

Sanitise the outsides of all tool boxes brought into your home.

Wear disposable shoe covers.

Wear washable face masks whilst entering and leaving the property and when we have to consult you in person about any aspect if the installation. During the work, we can make a note of your mobile number and call you if we have any queries if you prefer.

Place our tool boxes on disposable plastic sheeting.


Once the work is complete we will ask you to inspect the work done. So that you feel safe, this will be done without us in the room.


For everyone’s safety, we will take payments by debit/credit card, or by BACS only, before we leave.

Thank you for all your help and understanding of the current situation.

All at Dalkard & Elliott

Please let us know prior to our visit, if you have any symptoms appear, or, if you have to start self-isolation.

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