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UPDATE:  We now have in stock the best mattress protectors with amazing full guarantees. Protect your investment and safeguard your mattress for up to 14 years! 

A lot of time and effort goes into buying your new mattress, and looking after it is key to your enjoyment and years of quality sleep.

We will take care of the delivery and set up of your new bed, so you don’t have to worry about that.

 A bed from Harrison Spinks is an investment and it leads to a healthier quality of therapeutic sleep.  So, once you have your new bed in place there are a few things to consider and to do on a regular basis.

Dalkard & Elliott highly recommend the use of a mattress protector, we stock the very best of these. Please ask for advice.

It is a great idea to fold back your duvet for a few hours a day. This allows the mattress to air and to keep fresher.

Harrison Spinks mattresses are full of natural fibres, so when cleaning away dust from your mattress always use a soft brush. Hoovers are now very powerful and the suction they create can pull around the layers of support in the bed.

The base for your mattress is very important. The right base will add even more gorgeous support, and we suggest buying a Harrison Spinks base which will totally compliment your new mattress. If your base is  damaged or old, the new mattress will contour itself to it, this could be harmful to your investment and be costly to your sleep quality. If you have a slatted base which you wish to continue using, the slats must be 75mm apart, or less.

Your new Harrison Spinks mattress will contour itself to your body. so you can expect body impressions as the mattress gets to know you. To help minimise these, Dalkard & Elliott recommend that you follow the rotating and turning guide, which will come with your bed. If you find this difficult to do, the fillings will eventually settle on their own. The process will take some time but they will find their own levels, if turning or rotating is hard.

There are labels on your Harrison Spinks mattress which make it easy to identify what type of mattress you have. Please download the care guide below, you will find helpful instructions on how to handle your mattress. 

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Please download this printable PDF to help you look after your Harrison Spinks Mattress

Dalkard & Elliott bed-Care-Guide-Harrison Spinks

Great bed news!!!

Harrison Spinks beds and mattresses are getting a makeover! 

New glueless technology together with their amazing new springs add not only piece of mind to your purchase but extra comfort too! 

New display coming soon!!!!! Don’t miss out!!

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