living room-lounge carpets how to make the right choice

living room-lounge carpets how to make the right choice

make the right carpet choice
enjoy making it

The carpet you choose needs to meet your expectations. So start with a few questions and  enjoy buying a carpet which meets all of your needs and  desires

Q: carpet colours?

Colour is really important, you will be inspired by all the colours available so make sure that you have an idea of what you would like in your carpet colour, but, keep an open eye out for anything that catches your attention!

Bring in anything which matches the colour you fancy the most

Be brave, be bold!

carpet colours
be inspired by colour

Q: carpet texture?

Textured carpets have a look and feel of their own. 

Check them out if you like a more rustic-chic look!

Twist pile carpets give you texture, performance, looks that keep and there is a carpet for every room in your house.

lounge twist pile carpet
twist pile carpets

Soft saxony carpets are gorgeous to touch with your toes and your fingers. Beautiful to look at they make all rooms look amazing!

soft carpet leicester experts
soft saxony carpet

Natural flooring coir, seagrass, and sisal are very distinctive. Unique in look and style. If you love this type of flooring nothing will compare!

natural flooring leicester
natural flooring

Velvet carpet is beautifully smooth, soft and elegant. Always made with quality in mind it is a stunning carpet in any room. 

velvet carpet leicester
Velvet carpet

Patterned carpet has tradition and style stamped all over it. Tartans are incredibly popular, stripes are too. All but a few are woven carpet and are mainly Axminster weave. Superb quality and life. 

tartan carpet leicester
patterned carpet

Think about the amount of use you will give your new carpet and how long you will keep it before you wish to change it. 

That will help towards buying the right quality and in the right price point. 

We will ensure that you get real value for money. 

real value for money
natural flooring

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