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Q) What is quality carpet made of?

A) The best High quality carpet is made using a mixture of wool and nylon. It does come with a price tag, but if you invest in one, you will be delighted with the carpets performance.

High quality wool/nylon carpet will wear incredibly well, it will keep it’s looks and shape better than any man-made carpet. It may not be bleachable, but with a little care and thought, you will have a carpet that will meet all your expectations.

There is good quality man-made carpet. Most of them are bleachable and are tough. However, the trade off is the way the carpet keeps it’s appearance. 

Polypropylene carpets are by far the most popular and there is a new generation of bleachable solution dyed carpets which are excellent. These have the advantage of keeping of flattening less.

So, the disadvantage in the lack of appearance retention is balanced in price and then by the timescale you will have the carpet down for.

Plain carpet is more than 75% of carpet sales in the UK and you will replace a plain carpet because it is looking tired rather than it being worn out. Plainer styles of carpet show the wear and tear in a room more distinctly than a pattern carpet will. So bear this in mind when selecting the price, quality and construction of your new carpet. 

Buying the right carpet for you is all about meeting your expectations. So tell us what you need the carpet to achieve and we will get you the right carpet, at the right price, and it will be beautifully fitted.

You will be able to spend from as little as £ 7.99 m2 to whatever you would like to pay! Luxury wool carpet can cost you up to £ 300m2!  

Most of the UK sales of carpet fall between £ 22.00m2 & £ 50.00m2. The bulk of sales are between £ 25.00m2 & £ 42.00m2 

I hope this gives you some thoughts and ideas to think on and if you would like us to help, give us a call. You can pop into the shop and look through the most comprehensive selection of carpets and flooring in Leicestershire. We have spacious showrooms and free customer parking. 

There is an accessible entrance which leads straight off our large carpark and it is also possible to park right outside of the front of the shop. 

If you struggle to get to us, we will come to you. Whilst the restrictions are in place through Covid 19 we are still allowed to come to you to bring out samples etc. We can arrange to speak over the telephone to discuss you needs too.

Come and find out why Dalkard & Elliott carpets are THE place to come to for high quality carpets and great service. An award winning company. 


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