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Carpet & more Carpets - which one?

How should you choose your new carpet when there are so many carpets to select from? 

Firstly, think of luxury or practicality.

Why? Because this will help you slim down the choice. Let’s look at Soft carpets first, they are very popular and I would classify them as a luxury carpet. These are carpets which look and feel amazing. They add such a lot to a room. 


Super Soft Carpet

soft carpets

Super soft carpets are wonderful to touch and to sink your toes into. They add a touch of opulence to your home and a level of comfort other styles of carpet cannot give..

Reasons to have one?

soft carpet leicester experts

Luxury! The very best reason to have one! Soft, warm, cosy, and great looking!

Any Reason not to have one?


In heavily used areas carpets like these will show the signs of wear more quickly. This is a quality led issue as some carpet ranges are made to withstand flattening better. However, a style of carpet like this will be changed more often than one made to take extra heavy wear and tear. But, in my opinion, you gain such a lot from the attractiveness of the carpets aesthetics they are worth that sacrifice.

Soft saxony styled carpeting will show footmarks and hoover marks. This characteristic is just like marmite.  Love it and its definitely a carpet for you!

Twist Pile Carpet

Twist Pile Carpet has been the most popular of carpets for decades. Usurped occasionally by  the luxurious Soft Carpets we have already considered.

In the right quality they are great looking, tough bits of carpet. The colour range is huge, a bigger, better range than any other style.

If wear and tear plus looks are your most important requirements this is the carpet finish for you. 

Reasons to have one?

twist pile carpet

A carpet that doesn’t show foot-marks or hoover-marks? Is definitely a reason to buy one!

Hard wearing, excellent colour range in beautiful plain and lovely tweedy, flecky finishes.  

It is the longest lasting style in a plainer carpet

Any Reason not to have one?

I cannot think of any reason not to have one! 

Velvet Carpet

velvet carpet

Velvet carpet is firmly fixed at the top of the carpet market. Amazing soft looks with outstanding performance. Velvet carpets are made in pure wool or 80% wool 20% nylon blends. 

They have an up-market traditional feel to them and a timeless look.


Reasons to have one?

velvet carpet

The best reasons to have one? Stunning looks and quality

Any Reasons not to have one?

any reason not to have one

The only reason not to have one? Answer: Shading characteristics.

Velvets will show foot-marks and hoover-marks. You will love this or hate it! Personally, I love it! It reminds me of high quality carpet, built to last and that looks sumptous 


Loop pile (textured) Carpet

loop pile carpet textured carpets

Loop pile carpet (textured carpets) have a very different feel and look to everything that we have looked at so far. 

They work really well in older style properties and look great in contemporary houses too. 

Firmer to the touch, they are hard-wearing tough carpets which when looked after, keep their appearance well.

Reasons to have one?

loop pile carpet

A modern chic look which suits old and new very well.

In the right quality (firmer) they flatten very little and perform exceptionally well

Great if you want a rustic look

Any Reasons not to have one?

Bad advice! So get the right advice. There are many to select from and some are not made to take heavy wear and tear, or an upright beater bar hoover. 

However, you do not need to be put off. Call in and see us. We have the best of these ranges and all the great advice that you need.

Patterned Carpet

tartan carpets leicester

Patterned carpet offers you style, colours and years of amazing wear and tear to enjoy.

Tartans are the best selling style and the top manufactures have superb examples to select from

Reasons to have one?

patterned tartan carpet

To make the floor the feature in the room is a great reason to have one. You will give the room a distinct flavour and style and one that you know will last for many years

Any Reasons not to have one?

patterned carpet leicester tartan

No reasons not to have one! If you love the idea and want a carpet which will return your investment for years to come, Buy One!

Natural Flooring

Natural Flooring

Coir, seagrass, Sisool, and Sisal are the most beautiful, rough, unique fibres to make flooring from.

Stunning looks and they even smell amazing!

In the right quality, in the right room you will love the finish. 

If you have never considered them, you must check them out. They give a room a completely different aesthetic.

Reasons to have one?

natural flooring leicester

If you want something more from your floor you must consider natural flooring.

They have unique style and feel.

Period homes look amazing in them, barn conversions do too.

Enjoy something different!

Any Reasons not to have one?

sisal natural flooring

Spillages, Children and Pets do not always mix with this type of flooring. They can be more easily stained and therefore spoilt if not looked after with some consideration. 

There are some horror stories out there, but in the right environment they look fantastic.

What Should My Carpet Be Made Of?

Carpet & more Carpets - which one?

What your carpet should be made of is more often decided by the price range you want to look at. 

Man-made fibres are more generally found in the lower to mid price ranges and those with wool in them are in the mid to high price points. 

There are new generation man-made fibres which are priced very much in the wool market. Plus, they are amazing and very cleanable. These are bleachable in just the same way as the lower priced polypropylene carpets which are very popular with younger families and for those of us with pets.

Man-made fibres flatten more than wool and do not recover in the same way. That I would suggest is the worst feature of all man-made floorings. 

However, they are tough long-wearing carpets and they out perform the wool carpet that are found in the same price points.

Wool and wool-nylon mixes have a great name when they are made in the right quality and that comes with a premium in price. The investment however, is well worth it.  With a little of the right advice you will enjoy a carpet for years to come, plus it will pay for itself handsomely.

Man-made carpets start from as little as £7.99 m2 rising to £ 40m2

Wool and wool/nylon mixes range from £ 24.99m2 upto £ 300.00m2

We promise to show you the best choice at the price you want to pay. 

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